Free Software Witch🍲✨

Since 8th of March 2022, I've proclaimed myself to be the Free Software Witch.

I urge you sisters to join me and become Free Software Witch yourself! Now, to do that, you have to take a few steps. The first and, perhaps, the most crucial step is to reject the dark powers of the non-free software, don't be fooled into the influence of the dark magic spelled by nasty proprietary magicians! They're no good.

That means that you have to free your witchcrafting tool - the witch cauldron - the tool that you do your witchcrafting on, that is to say your computer and your computing. As we know every modern cauldron runs some sort of operating system, so the operating system of choice should be free so that you'd have the power to change it however you like! (GNU/Linux is a good choice!). You probably don't know how to do install it, but you don't have to! You can ask other witches or wizards, or non-binary magicians to do that for you! You can also buy a fully free hardware from Leah Rowe! She is probably one of the first free software witches known to us. She've developed Libreboot and Osboot - fully free BIOSes - one of the hardest obstacles to fully freeing a computer in the modern age and she manages a small cauldron shop called Minifree which sells Thinkpads - the time-tested fully free laptops used by some of the most radical and nomadic witches in our community (including me) - with osboot and Debian GNU/Linux preinstalled. I do recommend you to consider purchasing from her when you decide to buy a new computer. Thinkpads are one of the few computers that are able to run 100% only free/libre software. So, Congratulations, you already can call yourself a true witch!

Now, if you really want to get into it, the second step is to learn witchcraft, that is to say BASH and command line, that's a good start if you want to create small potions (that is to say BASH scripts).

But if you want to create new spells (that is to say free software)...Oh girl, you must be willing to become a really powerful witch, huh? The third step would be to learn some magic and do it for good things! (that is to say programming). There are many covens for different types of witches (that is to say IDEs and programming languages) and we do not endorse one or another, but we do urge you to become an assosiate member of our general purpose Free Software Coven. That's how we pay our bills and fund potion's/spell's creation so the support would be greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, if you like nomadic style of witch life, we have a Free Software Song that would fit perfectly for a night out around the campfire.


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